Mar 24, 2022

Introduction and Problem Identification

As a frequent vending machine user, I found myself craving a more exciting experience from the dull machines at Monty. And as a creative school, I knew that SCAD deserved vending machines that were just as imaginative as its students.

However, despite the numerous vending machines scattered throughout the campus, most of them operate on a standard model. As a result, they tend to blend into the background and fail to capture the attention of busy students rushing between classes.

Unique Design and Features

So, I came up with a game-changing design that fuses a classic arcade-style boxing game with a vending machine. That's right, you'll have to punch the machine in the face to receive your desired item! Not only does this add a fun and unexpected element to the traditional vending machine experience, but it also gives students a chance to release some pent-up energy between classes.

But that's not all – my design also includes two modes of operation: a normal vending machine mode and a game mode. In normal mode, users can simply select and purchase items as they would from any other vending machine. However, in game mode, users must punch the machine to receive their item, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge.

My unique vending machine design not only adds an element of fun to the traditional vending machine experience but also incorporates a user-friendly UI interface that allows users to seamlessly switch between modes. With my design, I hope to create a vending machine that is not only functional but also entertaining and memorable for students and faculty alike.