On wheels

On wheels

Jun 2, 2022

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PULSE Art + Technology Festival, Telfair Museum, Savannah, Jan 2023

On Wheels

Welcome to our interactive installation , featuring a remarkable interactive art project that seamlessly blends bicycles, transmission gears, chains, and Arduino technology. This installation is a testament to the innovative spirit of the modern art world, exploring the unique intersection of art, technology, and design.

As you step closer to the bicycles, you'll notice a series of interactive projections that respond to each rider's movements. These projections were carefully designed using TouchDesigner, a powerful software platform that allows us to create immersive and dynamic visual effects. The projections add an additional layer of engagement, creating a fully multisensory experience that captivates and engages.

But the true magic of the installation lies in the integration of Arduino technology. As riders pedal, a symphony of sounds and rhythms is produced, ranging from the melodic ringing of bells to the thundering pulse of the brakes. Each rider's movements trigger unique responses, making each experience one-of-a-kind.

We've also incorporated the concept of time and space into the installation. As riders journey through different environments and moments in time, the installation adapts and evolves, offering a constantly changing and captivating experience.

This installation is a true celebration of the modern art world's exploration of technology, creating a fully immersive and engaging experience that pushes the boundaries of what art can be. We invite you to experience this remarkable art project for yourself and discover the limitless possibilities of the intersection between art, technology, and design.