Jun 1, 2023

Your Personal Gaming Hub: JoinCon

Meet "JoinCon," a dynamic community app designed with the Nintendo Switch player in mind, offering a comprehensive platform for all your gaming needs. This unique app integrates game news, a vibrant gaming forum, player communication channels, and a game store in one sleek and user-friendly interface.

Innovative Design Meets Fun Interaction

What sets JoinCon apart is its engaging and innovative design feature - a navigation bar that mirrors the appearance of the Switch's Joy-Con controller. This interactive feature not only adds a touch of fun to the design, but also responds to user input, providing engaging feedback for an immersive experience. This inventive design element blurs the line between your Switch console and your mobile device, enhancing your gaming experience.

Whether you're seeking the latest game releases, engaging in lively discussions with fellow gamers, coordinating multiplayer sessions with friends, or browsing an extensive catalog of games for purchase, JoinCon is your ultimate gaming companion. It's more than an app - it's your personal gaming hub, bringing the world of Nintendo Switch right to your fingertips